Scratch in the bilingual class

This year we have been using Scratch in the bilingual class in 2ºESO.

While we were using Scratch we decided to make animations and stories in English. We have been working during four classes in the projects.
When we are in the bilingual class we switch language and programme to English

This is a selection of the best animations:

Scratch- Bilingue
I like- I don’t like by Pablo Guerrero
Travel Through Europe by Celia/ Ana/ Leila
Travel Through Europe by Celia/ Ana/ Leila

Sigue leyendo

Technology videos in bilingual class

Project Based Learning


  1. Which are the 4 points of the PBL method?
  2. What are the problems of the traditional method of learning?
  3. What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?
  4. What´s the purpose of PBL?
  5. Which are the requirements to Claire´s project?
  6. Similarities between PBL and the technology method
  7. What projects have the kids done?

TED Manhattan Beach

Sentences to use in the Technology class

Here you have a video about sentences and questions that you can use in the classroom. This video was made by IES 41014003 in Sevilla Este.

Sentences to be used in the workshop:

Last class we were working about useful sentences to be used in the workshop. The classroom has made up all these sentences:


  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What is the best way to solve this problem?
  • How does it work?
  • Can you explain it to me , please
  • We must think of a a good idea for the project
  • Do you like my idea?
  • We must design the whole project before we start the construction
  • Can you draw a frontview of the project?


  • We will have a problem if we do that
  • How can we put these pieces (join) together?
  • Whatś the name of this tool?
  • How can we do this?
  • How many nails dou think we are going to need?


  • Does this look right?
  • Can I have the hammer, please?
  • We have not got this tool
  • Can you put this tool back, please?
  • Put this tool back on the panel
  • We have not got the right tool
  • We have to make up a solution to solve this problem.
  • Can you help me, please
  • Can you cut the wood, please
  • You can use the set square to measure this
  • Is that the right way?
  • Fix these pieces, please
  • We have to hurry up
  • Now We can choose the colours to paint the object
  • You must finish your task on time


  • Who has written this part of the memory
  • We must clean our work bench
  • Do you know where are the pliers?


  • Can we have some more plywood
  • What can I use to cut the wood?
  • May I use my laptop?
  • Can we start working right now?
  • This tool is broken
  • Can I go to the bin to throw this away, please?


  • I think you are wrong
  • In my opinion this is the best idea