Sentences to use in the Technology class

Here you have a video about sentences and questions that you can use in the classroom. This video was made by IES 41014003 in Sevilla Este.

Sentences to be used in the workshop:

Last class we were working about useful sentences to be used in the workshop. The classroom has made up all these sentences:


  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What is the best way to solve this problem?
  • How does it work?
  • Can you explain it to me , please
  • We must think of a a good idea for the project
  • Do you like my idea?
  • We must design the whole project before we start the construction
  • Can you draw a frontview of the project?


  • We will have a problem if we do that
  • How can we put these pieces (join) together?
  • Whatś the name of this tool?
  • How can we do this?
  • How many nails dou think we are going to need?


  • Does this look right?
  • Can I have the hammer, please?
  • We have not got this tool
  • Can you put this tool back, please?
  • Put this tool back on the panel
  • We have not got the right tool
  • We have to make up a solution to solve this problem.
  • Can you help me, please
  • Can you cut the wood, please
  • You can use the set square to measure this
  • Is that the right way?
  • Fix these pieces, please
  • We have to hurry up
  • Now We can choose the colours to paint the object
  • You must finish your task on time


  • Who has written this part of the memory
  • We must clean our work bench
  • Do you know where are the pliers?


  • Can we have some more plywood
  • What can I use to cut the wood?
  • May I use my laptop?
  • Can we start working right now?
  • This tool is broken
  • Can I go to the bin to throw this away, please?


  • I think you are wrong
  • In my opinion this is the best idea


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